Jared L. Allen
Entertainer and Performing Artist

Imitating Pavarotti at age four, Jared Allen began studying vocal performance a few years later, and has performed professionally or semi-professionally for more than 30 years.  While he is a classically trained vocalist, his high energy, humor, and amazing vocal versatility allows him to perform not only Italian Arias and contemporary hits, but also country, gospel, opera, pop, and rock.  He has entertained audiences of all ages throughout the United States, performing for Arts Councils, city events, corporate conventions, military functions, and universities.  He is a frequent guest on local TV and radio programs, and has shared the stage with Grammy award winning pop artist Christopher Cross, Entertainer of the year Neal McCoy, LA Music Award Winner Carly Goodwin, Jamie O'Neal, Kevin Sharp, the orginal members of Rockapella, and nationally acclaimed groups such as The Nylons, and many others.

As lead vocalist of the vocal band T Minus 5 and FOG (Fat Old Guys), Jared plays an integral part in the production of many albums that sold has more than twenty-thousand copies.  He is also the founding member, producer, promoter, and performer of A Cappellastock, an annual a cappella festival in Ogden, Utah, the largest event of its kind that brings people from Japan to New York City to the city of Ogden, UT.  Jared released his solo debut album, December 2008, showcasing his versatility, variety, and love of music and has since that time released several more albums, singles, and produces vides.  While studying vocal performance at Weber State University, Jared expanded his repertoire even further, stepping outside the box and earning a degree in Ethnic Geography.  Working in conjunction with several different departments, he designed a program of study centered on Musicology that allowed him to focus on forms, styles, histories, and cultures of music from around the world, bringing an unparalleled freshness to his entertaining, topped off with the ability to engage the audience in ways other bands only dream about.  Jared will wow you with his vocal acrobats and guarantees that all who come and see him will be thoroughly entertained.