Thursday, June 30, 2011

What An Amazing World We Live In!

I am in awe of the world we live in and the technology that we have at our finger tips. What we do now in the music industry would have cost thousands if not millions of dollars 20 years ago. Take for example the song I just recorded, My Heavenly Father Loves Me. It was recorded on two different continents. Through email and chat I was able to contact my friend and awesome arranger Tat Tong instantly. Oh by the way did I mention he lives in Singapore. We discussed what key the song should be in, the feeling, what instrumentation so on and so forth. He then arranged and recorded all the orchestral parts in Singapore. The recorded instrumental tracks were then emailed to me where I recorded my vocals in my home studio in Casper, Wyoming. I then emailed back my recorded vocals to Tat where he mixed the rest of the song. And here is the final version…well maybe not quit the final version but close to it. Enjoy!